Gluten-free chocolate sponge @ Sudbury Hall, Derbyshire

Very good gluten-free choc sponge. Not too rich. Twynings Earl Grey. by BrownhillsBob @brownhillsbobsudburyhall



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6 responses to “Gluten-free chocolate sponge @ Sudbury Hall, Derbyshire

  1. Kate Goodall

    Careful with those shiny teapots Bob.

  2. Heh! Good job I was fully clothed.

    Good thinking, actually, I’ll watch out for that. It’ seems to have outed me as an unfeasibly skinny bloke with an unnaturally pixellated head…

    Best wishes


  3. ukaccountants

    Is this a place that is open to the public – seeing Gluten free always makes me look with interest having be diagnosed as Coeliac about 8 years ago.

    Looks a nice cake as well, unlike some of the GF stuff that is served – mind you, a few years ago you wouldn’t have been able to get it anyway.

  4. danslee

    So. If I was to zoom in on the shiny teapot there would be an almost passport-style pic of the elusive Bob. Yes?

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