Lamington cake @ Woolworth supermarket, Brisbane, Australia

Lamington cake 'Australian.'

Lamington cake 'Australian.'

Chocolate + Coconut + Sponge = Australia’s national cake, the Lamington. Delicious!

By Matt Murray @mattbrisvegas



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5 responses to “Lamington cake @ Woolworth supermarket, Brisbane, Australia

  1. Well it’s a lamington… not a lamington cake! But how would a Pom know that? Oh and I hate to be picky, but it’s ‘Woolworths’ supermarket.

    • danslee

      But Matt by old colleague, how would I know how to spell ‘Woolworths” the Aussie supermarket? All our bargain shops with the same name closed down.

      And don’t think I don’t know you’ve got dual citizenship too ; )

  2. Looks SO good… have never tried a lamington though…

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